T&D: On Becoming a Highly Valued Resource

T&D/L&D Is a Resource

Its purpose is to serve the Enterprise, not lead the Enterprise.

Its purpose is to enable Enterprise Process Performance – and unless it has been given unlimited resources, it needs to be judicious in investments of shareholder equity for significant returns.

In my T&D Systems View model/framework, from my 2001 book T&D Systems View, I presented 47 Processes in 12 Subsystems.

Two of the “Systems” – “bundles of Processes” – are THE MOST CRITICAL in my view – in helping a T&D/L&D/LXD/ISD function – become a highly valued resource.


They deal with Alignment – and then producing high impact performance-based Instruction – impacting High Stakes Performance as targeted via the Alignment.

Instruction – including Job Aids and/or Training.

You need these 2 Systems in place IMO in order to truly become a Highly Valued Resource. Otherwise, you may be reduced in budget and people the next time things get dicey.

These 2 critical Systems are at 12 and 6 O’Clock in my TDSV Model:


And in these Covid-19 Times, with most Enterprises highly challenged, it’s critical to your survival as a function, as a resource, and perhaps to the survival of Enterprise itself, that you BECOME A HIGHLY VALUED RESOURCE.

It might be “a chicken vs an egg” issue when deciding where to start. Because you need to have both “well enough in place” IMO.

And depending on where your starting point is – you’ll need to work on one or both to bring these systems/bundles of processes up to a standard of excellence.

You’ll need to have both fully in place before you can achieve real success.

12 O’Clock – Governance & Advisory Systems

This get’s you aligned and working on HIGH STAKES PERFORMANCE issues of strategic importance, or current-day operational importance. Or, likely, both.



6 O’Clock – Product & Service Line Development Systems

This is where your ADDIE/SAM/SAT/ETC processes exist. To produce products/services to help people learn how to do their jobs, or provide them with the guidance they need in the workflow.

You are either currently producing HIGH IMPACT INSTRUCTION ALL OF THE TIME, or you are not.



This video is 16:10 minutes in length.

In Summary

I have many resources to help you with either or both critical systems. Look around my website for many free resources, or lets’ work together to address your needs.

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Carry on.

And best wishes in quickly becoming a Highly Valued Resource. One that your Enterprise or Customer-base cannot survive without!

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