T&D: Immersive Experiences Can Lead to Cognitive Overload

So Find a Way to Ease Into Complex Learning

In a Learning Context – we should ALWAYS seek to avoid Cognitive Overload. Ease into Complex Learning Incrementally.

As Always – It Depends.

It depends on the prior experience of the learners/Performers.

Don’t hit them with a lot of content that’s brand new to them. Or with a lot of complexity to start with. Or with dazzling graphics – or shine objects dancing across the screen.

IMO an immersive experience is at the end of the chain-of-learning-experiences. Not at the front end. Or even in the middle.

Chain of Complex Events

Short Video

This video – is 2:02 minutes in length.

Don’t Overload them. Ease them into anything complex … or just plain “new” to their knowledge/experience-base.

Have some Empathy!

From: Roxana Moreno and Richard E. Mayer

Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning (PDF)

But Wait! There’s More!


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