T&D: Heuristics in the Process, er, Workflow

Workflow = Process IMO

I always thought of heuristics as the decision making support/tool used at the forks/ branches of a workflow. Much as a salmon deciding which stream branch to take as they swim upstream to spawn.

You don’t branch going downstream in streams and rivers – but you do in Process Flows, a.k.a.: Workflows.


Most Processes are Informal and so are any Heuristics.


Often when we work with Master Performers we uncover these, their personal tips and tricks ans ecrets of success – on how they decide and make discrimination while performing in the workflow, er, process.

It’s the cognitive behaviors, the covert behaviors that are trickiest, even though the overt, physical behaviors may also be tricky as the hand is sometimes quicker than the eye.

And with additional Master Performers, we attempt to fill in the gaps, invariably left due to the originator’s non-conscious knowledge. They could be missing up to 70% in their descriptions of “what and how” in terms of what a Novice needs in order to perform similarly.

And then we must Alpha, Beta and Pilot Test them further, to try and make them more accurate, complete and appropriate.

And then be open to CI – continuous improvement.

Short Video

This video is 1:47 minutes in length.

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