3 Questions Answered By An L&D Giant: Jane Bozarth

Earlier this year Mirjam Neelen and I supported the L&D Conference organized by Matt Richter and Will Thalheimer by producing 9 short videos, where we asked 3 Key Questions:

The Nine Giants

Jane Bozarth – Dick Clark – Julie Dirksen – Paul Kirschner – Richard Mayer – Jerome van Merriënboer – Dana Robinson – Patti Shank – Harold Stolovitch.

Today we are posting the first of those 9 videos, with the remaining videos to be posted over the next 8 weeks, on Tuesdays.

Our first video:

Jane Bozarth

Jane Bozarth, the director of research for The eLearning Guild, is a veteran classroom trainer who transitioned to eLearning in the late 1990s and never looked back.

In her previous job as leader of the State of North Carolina’s award-winning eLearning program, Jane specialized in finding low-cost ways of providing online training solutions.

She is the author of several books, including eLearning Solutions on a Shoestring, Social Media for Trainers, and Show Your Work: The Payoffs and How-To’s of Working Out Loud.

A popular conference presenter, Jane holds a doctorate in training and development and is the recipient of many awards, including the Guild Master Award in 2013 for her accomplishments and contributions to the eLearning community.

LDA – Learning & Development Accelerator

Matt and Will have extended that initial effort and have created LDA – the Learning & Development Accelerator … which will be going live online sometime today – at:


Bookmark it now!


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