2020 – A Mean Mister Mustard Kind of Year

This December 31st, around 11:59 pm my time, I’ll be shouting


And I’ll hope for a turnaround sometime in 2021. But only if the COLLECTIVE WE get much smarter, and much more compassionate, etc.

Yet I’m Still Thankful

The family for the most part seems to be doing alright. There are exceptions tho … terminal cancer, flu that felt Covid-ish, broken bones. Things we all have come to expect, as sad as they are. The folks in the family diagnosed with Covid-19 survived; we just don’t know yet about any long-term effects.

Those that had jobs, still have jobs through the pandemic. There are many not so lucky, right?

The grandchildren are doing well. One in college, one in Early College and two 13 year-olds (at least for another 90 days) in 7th and 8th grade. Here they are with my wonderful wife, Nancy…

Bueller, our Westie, is a Bundle of Joy. Or, a Barker of Joy (just don’t ask the neighbors)…

Several global friends on various Social Media have allowed me to Travel Vicariously through their many postings of photos from their personal lives and professional travels. They post dozens of photos (usually) every week.

I’m thinking of … George Gu in Shanghai, China…

And Donald Clark in Bristol, England…

And Nick Shackleton-Jones in Bracknell, a suburb east of London, England…

And Stan Paxton from Golden Colorado USA…

Sorry Stan – I “borrowed” one of your copyrighted works. ;)

And … So What Did I Accomplish During the Pandemic?

I started a Vanity Video Series. At the back property line at home, where the neighbor has a lovely pond, that I placed over my shoulder, unless I put slides up in support of what I was saying. It’s my history in the business of ISD – since 1979 (and before that even)…

Performance-Based ISD Backyard Video Series 2020 –  a video series on topics and techniques regarding my processes and practices in performance-based Instructional Systems Design.

I took some of the downtime and wrote a book, number 15, and thanks to my fabulous editor, Ann Battenfield, and my Early Review Team, I think it came out pretty good.

Those 24 Early Reviewers included:

Roger Addison – Jane Bozarth – Pratapaditya Chakravarty (Paco) – Donald Clark – Dick Clark – Jeff Dalto – Matthew Day – Gary DePaul – George Gu – David James – Mike Kunkle – Margo Murray – Nadia Naffi – Mirjam Neelen – Clark Quinn – Matt Richter – Alex Salas – Patti Shank – Dawn Snyder – Harold Stolovitch – Will Thalheimer – Sivasailam Thiagarajan (Thiagi) – Steve Villachica.

This was my 9th book on ISD. Here they are… one in 1999, one in 2007, six in 2011, and the latest, on top, from 2020.

I Also Presented at the Inaugural, Online L&D Conference

Here is a video overviewing my 4-part, asynchronous session at LDC 2020.

I Produced A Boatload of Videos and Was Featured on Several Podcasts

Watch this video on YouTube – here

Watch this Webinar on video on YouTube – here

Watch this video on YouTube – here

Listen to this Podcast – here

Watch this Webinar on video on YouTube – here

Listen to this Podcast – here

Listen to this Podcast – here

Watch this Webinar on video on YouTube – here

Listen to this Podcast – here

Watch this video on YouTube – here.

Listen to this Podcast – here

Watch this video on YouTube – here

Watch this video on YouTube – here

Listen to this Podcast – here

See my many additional videos on my YouTube channel – here.

And I Joined the Executive Board of Advisors of the LDA

Learning & Development Accelerators. Started by my colleagues, Matt Richter and Will Thalheimer, both of whom I’ve known for 3 decades or so.

See more about that new Professional Group – here.

May Your 2021 Be Wonderful and 2020 Begone!

And hopefully you can avoid this…

This was my 2nd Covid-19 Test of the 4th quarter. Both came back negative.


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