A Busy Year For Me Doing 12 Audio & Video Podcasts

It’s been a busy year for me, this Year of the Pandemic. 2020.

I was an invited guest on 12 audio podcasts and video podcasts – which I share below. And I did several Webinars – which I will cover early next week.

Note: I wish that so many would not have had such a terrible year. If I could change that, I would. If I can help in any way – please let me know.

Thank you to all who have had me as guests on their audio podcasts and video podcasts!!! I hope my many mentors would approve of how I represented their work – for I owe so many.

1- From February 2020

My Looop Podcast with David James

2- From March 2020

HPT Video 2020 – Guy Wallace – Interviewed by Gary DePaul

3- From April 2020

Listen to this – here.

4- From April 2020

Creating Performance Support While Converting ILT to Online Training During COVID-19 (With Guy Wallace)

5- From May 2020

Listen to this – here.

6- From June 2020

Guy W. Wallace Interview by George Gu

7- From July 2020

Recorded in June 2020. Listen to this – here.

8- From August 2020

Listen – here.

9- From September 2020

Listen – or watch this – here.

10- From October 2020

Guy Wallace on Performance Needs Analysis Learning Expert Talks #001

11- From October 2020

Jeff Dalto of Vector Solutions and Convergence Training talks with Guy Wallace about Human Performance Technology (HPT), which is also known as Human Performance Improvement (HPI).

12- From December 2020

Guy W. Wallace Interview by Jon Aleckson

Here’s to a Much Improved 2021 For All!


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