Is Video An Appropriate Medium For Your Instruction?

As always – it depends.

It depends on the video’s intended audience, their motivation, and their prior knowledge, and the “context” for their viewing. Most videos can address developing awareness and knowledge – but may not be the best for developing some skills – depending on their prior knowledge.

In instruction, I generally like them for conveying INFOs, and DEMOs, and maybe the instructions for APPOs (Application Exercises). They may be used as a Job Aid, or to augment/support a Job Aid in providing visual cues that require motion vs static pictures/diagrams to help get the message/instructions across – in regular or in slow-motion, start-and-stop motion speeds.

But watch out for inadvertently creating Cognitive Overload.

As I design most Instruction using a Facilitated Group Process of Master Performers and Other Subject Matter Experts, I let them discuss the merits or shortcomings of video as the medium for the Target Audiences that they represent, and the when/where of the consumption of the video(s) – and then let them decide – in the Design Process as the Design Team “systematically processes” the approved Analysis data.

Here’s what Donald Clark (Plan B) says about the research:

Here is what Richard Mayer says about his research:


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