A Chat with Authors – Matt Richter

Matt and I chatted today over Zoom about his 2016 book: The Leadership Story – A New Model of Leadership.

This video is 9:06 minutes in length.

Some Links:

– the book is available as a paperback: http://www.thiagi.com/thiagi-store/paperback-the-leadership-story-a-new-model-for-leadership

– the book is available as a Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Leadership-Story-New-Model ebook/dp/B01MYOEE4I

– Matt at The Thiagi Group: www.thiagi.com

A Chat With Authors

A Video Podcast Series on Performance-based Instruction & Performance Improvement Beyond Instruction – hosted by Guy W. Wallace

I hope to discuss Author’s books and/or articles of relevance to practitioners in Instructional Development and in Performance Improvement Beyond Instruction, and explore related areas of interest with them. Series started in October 2020.

See the Index for the “A Chat with Authors” Video Podcast Series at:



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