HPT Video 2021 – Judy Hale

I’ve known Judy since 1981, meeting her at NSPI (ISPI) Chicago. We did an HPT Video back in 2009 – and I wanted to catch up with what’s she has been doing more recently.

Lifted straight from her website

Judith A. Hale, Ph.D., CPT, CACP, CIDD, and ibstpi Fellow [call her Judy].  Her firm Hale Associates has worked with clients in all industries in the private and public sectors for more than 25 years. Clients describe her as someone who:

  • Knows what is going on in the field of performance improvement, 
  • Can quickly analyze organizational problems and identify key issues,
  • Gets the job done,
  • Is easy to work with
  • Can make sense out of confusion while helping them stay focused on what matters. 

Volunteer Roles

Judy has served as president of the International Society of Performance and Improvement (ISPI).  She is currently a member of the Human Resource Management Advisory Committee for the Forbes School of Business and Technology at Ashford University.  In the past she has served as president of the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction (IBSTPI) and on task forces undertaking research related to credentialing.  She  has served on the ISPI President’s Advisory Council and on the Illinois Occupational Skills Standards Credentialing Council.  

Credentials and Awards

Judy received three evidence credentials: The Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), offered by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the Certified Assessment & Credentialing Professional (CACP) and the Instructional Designer Developer Certification (CIDD) awarded by the Institute for Performance Improvement.  Her firm was also was awarded two Outstanding Human Performance Improvement Awards from ISPI for 1) creating an instrument to measure the knowledge of wheelchair providers in under-resourced countries and 2) creating a global, evidence-based certification for architectural lighting designers (CLD) issued by the International Association for Lighting Designers (IALD).  She received the  ISPI’s “Life Member” award and the “Gilbert Award.”  She was awarded Fellow by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction (ibstpi).  She taught graduate courses in management for 14 years for the Insurance School of Chicago and received the school’s “Outstanding Educator” award.    

Judith speaks regularly at international and national conferences on subjects related to competence, credentialing, evaluation, implementation, assessment, and performance improvement.  She is an advocate for economic equity, protection of our environment, and animal rights.  

Judy’s Publications

Judy’s latest book The School Improvement Specialist Field Book (2013) was co-authored by Deb Page and received ISPI Outstanding Communication Award.  Judy is also the author of the popular and award winning resource about certification – Performance-Based Certification: How to design a valid, defensible, cost-effective program, 2nd ED (2012), the best-selling resource on performance improvement consulting – Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook: tools and techniques for improving organizations and people, 2nd Ed (2007); Outsourcing Training and Development (2006); Performance-based Management: What every manager should do to get results (2003); Performance-Based Evaluation: tools and techniques for measuring the impact of training (2002); The Training Manager’s Competencies (1989); and co-author of Achieving a Leadership Role for Training (1995).

Judy is a contributing author to the ISPI Handbooks on Evaluation and Interventions (2009) and a contributing author to the ISPI Handbook of Performance Technology, 3rd edition (2006).  She wrote the chapters “The Intervention Questionnaire” in What Smart Trainers Knowed. Lorraine L. Ukens, Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer (2001) and “The Hierarchy of Interventions” in the Source Book for Performance Improvement, Pfeiffer (1997).   She was the topic editor of Designing Work Groups, Jobs, and Work Flow andDesigning Cross-Functional Business Processes, published by Jossey-Bass (1995).  She developed the Standards for the Training Function1995, and the Workbook and Guidelines for Designing Valid Tests (1995).  Visit Resources to see her latest articles and white papers. 

Judy’s Education and Credentials

Judy was awarded a B.A. from Ohio State University in communications, a M.A. from Miami University in communications, and a Ph.D. from Purdue University in instructional design.  Her doctoral research was on how to control bias in competency studies.

HPT Video

This video is 56:42 minutes in length.

Thanks Judy!!!

Check out her website – here.

Guy’s HPT Video Series

The HPT Video Series … formerly known as the HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Video Series … was started by Guy W. Wallace in 2008 as a means of sharing the diversity of HPT Practitioners, and the diversity of HPT Practices in the workplace and in academia.

The full set of videos – over 135 – may be found and linked to – here.

HPT – Human Performance Technology – is the application of science – the “technology” part – for Performance Improvement.

As the late Don Tosti noted, “All performance is a human endeavor.”

Whether your label for HPT is that, or Performance Improvement, or Human Performance Improvement, it is all about Evidence Based Practices for Performance Improvement at the Individual level, the Team level, the Process level, the Department level, the Functional level, the Enterprise level, and at the level of Society/World.

HPT Practitioners might operate at any of these levels, as this Video Series clearly demonstrates.

Although ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement is the professional home of many HPT Practitioners – the concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques are not limited to any one professional affinity group or professional label.

ISPI just happens to be where I learned about HPT – and has been my professional home since 1979.

This Series Has Evolved Since 2008

These videos were first posted on Google Video, then they were moved to Blink, and now they may all be found on YouTube. And my name for them has changed as well…

HPT Practitioner Video Podcasts and HPT Legacy Video Podcasts

– Practitioner Series – short 2-10 minutes, following a script. Intended to show the diversity of HPT and HPT Practitioners. (2008-2018)

– Legacy Series – longer 15-40+ minutes, also scripted, with added stories of other NSPI/ ISPI’ers from the earlier days of the Society or others who were of great influence. Intended to capture the stories of the people who influenced us. (2008-2018)

– HPT Video Series (2019+) – is a continuation of the first two types of videos in this series, but with less focus on capturing NSPI/ISPI members – and expanding out to any and all who use Evidence Based Practices in Performance Improvement regardless of any affiliation with ISPI or not.

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