Blue Are the Life-Giving Waters

Blue are the life-giving waters. Taken for granted. They quietly understand …

Guy in 1969 at the age of 17

It was a time in my life of greater and greater awakening. I was one year away from getting my draft number. One year away from High School graduation.

Gary DePaul’s Podcast interview (of me) took me way back – when we recorded it last month and when I listened to it when it posted on February 2nd. Hear that here.

Then this photo popped up on Facebook (Memories). Me standing in front of a poster I had created the year before, back in the southern suburbs of Chicago, before I moved to a suburb of Kansas City. I moved in the middle of my Junior year in HS – by choice.

I was beginning to take the reigns, as they say, of my own life in 1969. And, as I relate in Gary’s Podcast interview, I was a child of the 60s. In terms of what was and is important to me.

And I still am a child of the 60s – and all that that connotes.

And I hope to remain one.


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