The Demands of the Performance Context

Memorized or Referenced Performance Responses?

The Demands of the Performance Context include Memorized or Referenced Performance Responses.

When Performance is new to people, they need some level of Instruction – Job Aids, communications, education, or training – which – depends on the performers’ prior knowledge – and the demands of the Performance Context for memorized or referenced Performance responses.

A key point is that most Performance Problems are not rooted in deficits of people’s Knowledge/Skills (per Rummler, Deming, and many others) and .

I would suggest that all forms of Instruction should be the last considerations (but not totally excluded), and that the Process itself should be looked at and addressed first, and then the Environmental enablers looked at and addressed second, and all Human enablers looked at and addressed third – including various forms of Instruction.

Do your Instructional Analysis processes and practices uncover the demands of the Performance Context?

Do they focus on authentic Performance’s Tasks and Outputs? And the inevitable barriers to Performance that need to be anticipated and avoided? And the enabling knowledge and skills that address Tasks, Outputs, and Barriers?

My latest (15th) book – which addresses all of this – is overviewed – here.


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