ANY Means to the Ends of Performance

Your Instructional Analysis efforts need to uncover the Tasks – both behavioral and cognitive – that lead to Worthy Outputs that meet Stakeholder Requirements. And you also need to determine if the Performance Context demands a Memorized Performance Response, or if it allows for a Referenced Performance Response.

If both – then the default approach is, of course, creating/developing and maintaining a Memorized Performance Response Competence. We need to quit requiring people to memorize everything – unless the Performance Context simply demands it.

This video is 2:18 minutes long.

Stop the arguments! Decide based on Analysis data! You have 4 Options!

Guy’s 2020 book: “Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis” – is available at Amazon as a Kindle and a Paperback:

Improve your game plan!

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them!


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