Video: My 1995 Presentation to Eli Lilly on Curriculum Architecture Design

It was my presentation at ISPI from that April – note the overhead transparencies.

Ah. Technology. Makes a big difference.

I’ve completed 76 CAD Projects as an ISD consultant, since my first in 1982. I had also done one at Motorola in 1981 as an employee.

This video is 122:40 minutes in length.

An Invitation to Present at Eli Lilly

My clients at Eli Lilly had been my clients at Amoco. My clients, new to Eli Lilly – wanted me to share the methods of what we done for them at Amoco. I continued to do work for Amoco after several people had left to go to Eli Lilly.

Here the projects I had done for each…

Eli Lilly and Company

  • Conducted his 74th CAD project for the Clinical Trial Materials Process. 2004.
  • Miscellaneous Consulting on T&D Operations and ISD Methodology. 2000.
  • Curriculum Management Workshop. A two-day workshop based on Guy’s T&D Systems View (T&D Clockface) Model and upcoming book. 1999.
  • CAD: District Sales Managers. Guy’s 69th CAD project, focusing on updating Lilly’s global District Sales Manager curriculum, and the requirements for both Instruction and Information (Procedures Documentation). 1999.
  • Leadership and Management Curriculum Architecture DesignGuy’s 61st performance-based CAD project, where the focus was ultimately global (supervisors up to the upper management ranks across all business units). This project’s front-end analyses were conducted via individual interviews instead of our standard group method and produced the North American version of the CAD. 1997.
  • Curriculum Management Workshop. Guy worked on the design, development, and delivery of a two-day workshop on using PACT Process principles for curriculum management within a large corporation. 1996.
  • Presentation to HRD Staff: Curriculum Architecture DesignA three-hour presentation of the current CAD (ISPI version) to members of the corporate human resources organizations. 1995.


  • PACT Workshop Delivery: Performance Modeling & Knowledge/Skill Analysis. Guy facilitated this workshop for eight Amoco ISDers. 1997.
  • PACT Process Workshop: Curriculum Architecture Design. The first pilot test of the five-day CAD Design Workshop, which built upon the learners’ knowledge and experiences with the Performance Modeling & Knowledge/Skill Analysis Workshop. 1996.
  • PACT Process Workshop: Performance Modeling & Knowledge/Skill Analysis #2. The second delivery of the five-day Performance Modeling & Knowledge/Skill Analysis Workshop. 1996.
  • PACT Process Workshop: Performance Modeling & Knowledge/Skill Analysis #1The first pilot-test delivery of the five-day Performance Modeling & Knowledge/Skill Analysis Workshop, which develops the learners’ knowledge and skills regarding facilitating the group process for Performance Modeling and then systematically deriving the knowledge and skill enablers. 1996.
  • Curriculum Architecture Design Project Design Coaching and SupportGuy’s 58th performance-based CAD project where he assisted in the creation of a straw-dog CAD prior to the design meeting, to help the new PACT practitioners play with the data and generate one potential outcome, for use with the Design Team only as an example of what they might themselves produce. 1996.
  • PACT Process Workshop: Curriculum Architecture Design. 1996.
  • PACT Process Workshop: Performance Modeling & Knowledge/Skill Analysis. This project continued the development of PACT Process practitioners at Amoco. 1996.
  • Curriculum Architecture Design Project BESTGuy’s 57th performance-based CAD project where the focus was on the support for the implementation/rollout of a new common process for large capital projects’ initial ROI and strategic assessments; the macro-planning and micro-planning; implementation management; and then handoff to the local operations and management. 1996
  • White Paper Development: Training Needs Assessment at AmocoIn this project, Guy wrote a short white paper describing the methods, uses, and management issues/opportunities for the systematic needs assessment process at Amoco Production Company, based largely on the PACT Process for Performance Modeling and Knowledge/Skill Analysis. 1995.
  • One-Day Project Planning and Proposal Development Workshop Guy developed a one-day workshop for using our interview guides and then structuring and developing a situationally appropriate Project Plan and Proposal to deal with conducting analysis, design, development, and pilot-testing the materials for all of the training implications. 1994.
  • Two-Day Workshop: Curriculum Architecture DesignPresentation of the then-current CAD workshop, covering both Performance Modeling and Knowledge/Skill Analysis plus the CAD design methodology. The workshop was not nearly long enough for covering the skill development needs of the learners. 1994.
  • Training Module Design Template Development. 1993.
  • Team Training Curriculum Architecture DesignGuy’s 45th performance-based CAD project where existing, overlapping courses and sources for learning about teams and developing team skills were organized into a formal CAD. 1993.

Training Magazine Article – 1984

In September 1984 my partners and I published a co-authored article in Training Magazine:

CAD – Training Mag – 1984 – 6 page PDF – the first publication about Curriculum Architecture Design via a Facilitated Group Process – published in Training Magazine in September 1984. Original manuscript (30 pages) – How to Build a Training Structure That Won’t Keep Burning Down.


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