“Encourage” = “Motivate”

It started with an Inquiry on Twitter – just Yesterday

Are you aware of any research that corporate culture can encourage and facilitate communication, collaboration and other like behaviours? Sometimes environment > formal instruction.

So I asked a group of ISPIers in a Google Group we belong to…

Asking for a friend on Social Media… and then I repeated the above Inquiry.

The first one to respond was Dick Clark. He and I had exchanged a couple of emails already this morning (early morning for him – late morning for me). He wrote back:

To me “encourage” = motivate.  
To Motivate =

And he sent these two PDF documents:

So I thought I would share them with you too.


And then Will Thalheimer leaned in with:

There is a bunch of research on this kind of thing … I think it’s called OCB. Organizational Citizenship Behavior. I think I came across this when looking at leader behaviors and that may be a good sideways way into finding research.

And then Diane Gayeski, Ph.DPrincipal, Gayeski Analytics wrote:

You’ll find a lot from the 90s on learning organizations – creating the climate for knowledge sharing , admitting & learning from mistakes, etc. 


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