The Age of Super-Lite-enment?

We’ve seemingly gone from the Dark Ages … to the Age of Enlightenment … to the Age of Super Lite.

Super Lite-enment

I Can Just Look It Up

If you’ve ever shook your head at the notion of Best Practices – especially without careful consideration at the potential adaptations that might be needed to retrofit them into your Enterprise Processes & Practices – then you need to give a little more thought to that statement.

If you find something that fits like a glove – as that saying goes – perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket that day – as that would indeed be YOUR LUCKY DAY!

The Internet Says So – So it Must Be True

Oh boy. That’s certainly not true.

I Don’t Need to Know More

That may be true – depending on your prior knowledge. And – whether or not THE PERFORMANCE CONTEXT demands a Memorized Performance Response – or allows for a Referenced Performance Response,

As always – it depends.

That sentiment might be JUST FINE and APPROPRIATE.

All that’s potentially “at stake” is the Performance itself – and your Reputation.

So … Carry on.


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