Certificates Portfolios Awards Testimonials Referrals

I was asked recently for my thoughts on 3 of these 5 ways to market oneself in the ISD/LXD and Performance Improvement marketplace.

After a few weeks I found myself thinking about the three – and two additional – ways to market The Brand of You (as Tom Peters once put it). Note, none of these are bad/terrible – depending on which ones you pick (for all but Portfolios) as there are options.

Caveat Emptor. As always.

This short video is 2:20 minutes in length.


Sometimes all it means is that your payment processed. Some of you will note that I changed my former phrase, “that your check cleared.” Other times it means that you have demonstrated competence.

Caveat Emptor. As always.


Work samples might be great – but were they built for a client – and by a team – and then what was your role? Or did you just create something for your Portfolio.

If you are new – that’s where you have to start. And even if you built it for a client – it was “work for hire” and you’ll need their permission to share some component of your outputs, or the whole thing.

But make sure that you have written permission – and keep a copy of that “in the cloud” as hard drives sometimes fail.


Awards are nice. But sometimes they are simply “bought & sold.” So investigate them before applying. And never pay a big fee for submitting – as many in the marketplace are aware of THAT GAME.

Caveat Emptor. As always.


Who wouldn’t like and trust “Testimonials” – unless you determine that some group are simply swapping Testimonials. Be careful that you don’t inadvertently join such a group.

Caveat Emptor. As always.


These are generally THE BEST marketing of YOU. But you generally don’t know who might be doing the referring.

You can ask your clients to do this – and hopefully if they do – they have positive credibility in their networks.

Caveat Emptor. As always.

Some clients may give you a referral and you’ll never know – something you obviously cannot control – and you might find out when you are approached for possible work. Be sure to acknowledge those who do refer you – as your appreciation might act as an encouragement for more.

But – think about WHO you might ask for a referral. All Clients do not carry the same credibility within their own networks. Sometimes it can be the kiss of death.

What’s In Your Marketing/Promotional Plan for The Brand of You?

Building your presence in a crowded marketplace is tough.

And there are certainly additional things you can do – such as publish, present, etc.

What are your thoughts on these five – and other ways to promote the brand of you for someone searching for work – gig work or employment?


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