What Does the Performance Context Demand?

Does it Demand a Memorized Performance Response – or – Does it Allow a Referenced Performance Response?

We too often require memorization of facts and procedures when the Performance Context doesn’t demand that. Life – both personally and professionally – is often an Open Book test.

Quit demanding memorization when that isn’t an authentic requirement Back-on-the-Job.

And if the Performance Context demands a Memorized Performance Response – and the job itself won’t reinforce what was learned via Training every-day, all-day-long, a campaign of Spaced Learning will be needed.

But if the Performance Context doesn’t demand a Memorized Performance Response – don’t waste Shareholder Equity trying to impossibly force people to memorize what they don’t really need to memorize. And save that for the Critical aspects of performance.

But if a Referenced Performance Response is appropriate to the Performance Context – use a strategy of either Standalone Job Aids – or Job Aids embedded in Training.

My 15th book: Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis – is available as a Kindle and as a Paperback – for more information – please go here.


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