From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting

From LinkedIn 2021-03-18

I just received your book ‘ From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting. It’s great!

Can this process be leveraged into 3-5 day ‘classes’ with any effectiveness?

Back in the mid-1990s to early 2000 I was involved in a technology transfer to General Motors of my ISD methods, using 5-day workshops and observations to train and then certify their staff and subcontractors. Over 300 people attended the various workshops. So it can be taught/learned. But, not by everyone successfully.

My methods were designed back in the 1980s and early 1990s to take the ISD Project Planners/Managers and the Analysts “from ISD to PI consulting” by expanding what they do, incrementally.

And that required them to be able to use a Facilitated Group Process (FGP) which is central to my ISD methods.

In 1983 I started the book that eventually became From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting – it started as The Performance Technologist Handbook – and here was my original ToC:

In 1994 my business partners and I authored this book: The Quality RoadMap – our combination of TQM and HPT – Total Quality Management and Human Performance Technology … a slight detour for my book …

Then in 2011 I wrote my version of all of this… and here is the ToC for “From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting …

A Short Video

This video is 6:19 minutes in length.

PACT is a Subset of EPPI

When I created my ISD methods I was very aware of the view that ISD was a subset of Performance Improvement/ Human Performance Technology …

I’ve been facilitating Master Performers in ISD Analysis and Design since my start in ISD back in 1979. Here is my story on how it all began for me:

Teaming for T&D GWW 1999 – 5 page PDF – on my story of inadvertently creating a team – out of frustration with too many revision cycles for a video script I was writing –  for training development back in 1979 – and liking the approach for using a Group Process to shorten cycle times and improve the quality of the output.

My Author’s Page – At Amazon

Check out my Author’s Page at Amazon for all 15 of my books – here.


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