Performance Management by Any Other Name Still Works the Same – Mark Graham Brown

From 2012

Why is it that every business fad and management program has to be abbreviated with three-letter

This has been going on a long time, and it keeps getting more annoying and confusing. It
might have started with MBO — Management by Objectives, and now we have an endless array of
confusing programs and acronyms, with some of them meaning the same thing.

Part of it seems to boil down to the fact that there are just not that many new ideas, so consultants
have to keep things fresh by re-packaging old programs like TQM with a new name like Continuous
Process Improvement (CPI). “I thought we cancelled that stupid TQM program back in 1999?” “We
did, this is CPI and it is very different.”

Sounds like a Dilbert cartoon, doesn’t it?

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For more – read this 3 page PDF – here:

RIP – Mark Graham Brown.


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