Video: Neil Rackham Author of SPIN

Selling | Interview | Aaron Evans Sales Training

This video is 39:46 minutes in length.

The mark Neil Rackham has left on sales is bigger and more influential than any other single person on earth. In 1988 Neil released the worldwide best seller SPIN Selling, after doing 12 years of research on selling and salespeople. SPIN selling is the first book to use research and data to analyse sales techniques and find the common trends for sales excellence.

In this interview we covered the following:

0:00​ Introduction

1:08​ History of SPIN research

4:04​ The Eureka moment in the research

18:53​ The Book’s reception

22:22​ The Longevity of SPIN

24:26​ The Birth of Implications

26:31​ The Future of Selling

26:40​ What is Neil up to Now


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