Video: Thunking Through the PACT Processes for pb-ISD

Who woulda Thunk It? I guess I did.

I just discovered another definition for the word “Thunking” beyond a past-tense for Thinking.

And it caused me to Thunk about something I did a couple of decades ago and then even further back.

I’ve been “data mapping” in ISD since I started in 1979 – thanks to the Rummler & Gilbert Inspired folks I went to work with back in August of 1979 right out of college with my Radio-TV-Film degree.

Here is a graphic I created in the mid-1990s – that I then updated from the CADDI version (my consulting firm 1997-2002) when I went solo and created EPPIC (2002).

The Video

This video is 5:48 minutes in length. It’s an attempt to portray all of the Thunking of my PACT Processes for performance-based ISD (which I usually shorten to “pb-ISD” in Twitter Posts).

Thinking about Thunking about it?

I am now!


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