RIP Geary A. Rummler on the Anniversary of His Birth

April 16th has always been a special day for me – as it was always near the annual NSPI/ISPI Conference – meaning that I would again see and chat with Geary Rummler F2F near or on his birthday. And I’d get my annual Booster Shot from the front row, as I would joke with him.

And “from the front row” was the best place to heckle from. And to hear his “soft asides” – like Popeye – whom he often quoted.

Videos of the Good Doctor

From 2008. This video is 5:22 minutes in length.

From 1986. This video is 50:42 minutes in length.

From 1986. This video is 56:39 minutes in length.

From 1981. This video is 44:28 minutes in length.

I was lucky to be in the audience when the 1981 video was recorded. I came in one week early just to attend his one-day workshop. I had already met him face to face in April 1980 at my first NSPI Conference.

And I had worked 1979-1981 at Wickes Lumber in Saginaw Michigan, in the Training Services organization, alongside Geary’s brother-in-law, and two people who had joined Wickes just before I did who had been working alongside Geary’s brother Rick Rummler at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Detroit. Those two shaped my approach to performance-based ISD and Performance Improvement Beyond Instruction – But Including Instruction.

Lucky me.

But Wait – There’s More

See the Geary A. Rummler website – here – established by Geary’s son, Rick Rummler.


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