Words of Warning from Geary A. Rummler

Rummler According to Wiggenhorn:

“Beware of False Prophets Called HR People. They’re coming in with whiz-bang tools, they’re going to rank and rate you, they’re going to assess you, they’re going to tell you what you should be doing. But they don’t understand the organization.”

Video – Tribute to the late Geary A. Rummler in 2009

See Bill Wiggenhorn’s comment from the ISPI 2009 Conference Tribute to Geary Rummler – to the 43:17 mark… where Bill Wiggenhorn relays to us the wisdom of the late Geary Rummler :

Bill was the leader of Motorola University – and MTEC – Motorola Training & Education Center. He brought Rummler in to help orient the new staff of MTEC, in April to a Performance Orientation. That full day 1981 session – that I was fortunate enough to attend, one week before my official start date – was also recorded and a 46 minute excerpt is available – here.

Also – in this video above – after Bill – is Alan Ramias, my co-worker when I worked for Bill at MTEC (1981-1982) – where he tells of Rummler’s impact to that thingy called: Six Sigma. Maybe you’ve heard of it. (Just thought while you’re here on this video….)

And Here We Are Today



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