Designing for the X – in pb-ISD

I’ve always been “all about” Performance Impact – Back-on-the-Job – and doing it both Effectively and Efficiently – for sufficient ROI – Return on Investment.

After all, it’s Shareholder Equity that my clients were investing in me, and the means to the ends, Instruction for Improved Performance for their Targeted Audiences and their Targeted Performance.

Short Video

This video is 2:20 minutes in length.

Here are 7 Xs in My View:

  1. Performance Impact
  2. Modular Reuse Design
  3. Development System
  4. Inventory System
  5. Administrative System
  6. Deployment System
  7. Maintenance System

Of course – there are many enablers necessary in order to achieve these Xs.

Such as effective and efficient and valid and performance-oriented ISD/LXD methods.

Check out Clark Quinn’s newest book to get aligned to valid ISD/LXD from a Science-basis:

You can check out and/or get his book at Amazon – here.

My 2003 ISPI Presentation

For the 2003 Presentation:

My 2005 Newsletter Article

For the 2005 Newsletter Article (starting on page 4):


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