Video: Conduct Backward Analysis before Backward Design

Beginning with the End in Mind in a Logical ISD/LXD Process/WorkFlow

In Analysis, start with the Outputs and their Measures, and then the Tasks and their measures.

In Design, start with the Applications Exercises, then the Demonstrations, then the Information.

And even in Development – do that Backwards.

Application Exercises (including Performance Tests, then any Knowledge Tests), then any Demonstrations, then the Information.

Of course – this requires Analysis Data…

Then finally, the Close and then the Open.

That’s how I do ISD in my MCD Processes…

For more, see Guy’s book: Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis for more:

Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis: Analysis Should Occur in Every Phase of an Instructional Systems Design & Development Effort Targeted at High Stakes Performance”


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