A Chat with Authors – Mark Britz

I did a Zoom video recording of my chat with Mark Britz on June 2, 2021, about his new book: Social By Design – something that’s now a part of my e-book library.

This video is 20:09 minutes in length.

Thanks Mark!

The book is available as a Kindle and as a Paperback.

Some Key Links:

“Social By Design” is available on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/3wOLizK

Connect with Mark Britz at:

Twitter: @britz

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/markbritz

Blog: http://www.markbritz.com

Website: sxdsolutions.co

Email: mbritz@sxdsolutions.co

Phone: 315.552.0538 (Mobile)

Connect with James Tyer at:


Website: jamestyer.com

Twitter: jimbobtyer

Email: info@jamestyer.com

Phone: +1-604-825-0750

A Chat With Authors

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