Can Your Micro-Learning Include Practice, Feedback, and Reflection?

Is Micro-Learning on it’s own got enough stuff to lead to Learning?

Or should it always be part of the mix with other approaches?

Is it too limited, by definition, and for what “use-cases?”?

This short video is 1:30 minutes in length.

Can it serve as an Advance Organizer?

Can it deploy Information that’s not extraneous leading to Awareness, Knowledge and/or Skill?

Can it share a Demonstration of the application of that Information that’s authentic to what the learner needs to learn to do back-on-the-job?

Can it share Application Exercises for Practice with Feedback?

Can it provide guidance for Reflection and Post-Learning Applications Planning once back-on-the-job?

Can it provide reminders of the key and/or trickier Awareness, Knowledge and/or Skills to fend off the Forgetting Curve?

Can it do all of the above for Complex and/or High Stakes Performance? Or is it limited in its potential contributions to learning Complex and/or High Stakes Performance?

Is Micro-Learning the Right Stuff All-of-the-Time, or the Just Sometimes Right Stuff?


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