A Grade School Teacher Looks Back

From one of my distant cousins…

The last day of school is always a very emotionally draining day for me. This year, although we were online, was no different. I remember 3/13/2020 so well. That feeling of fear, loneliness, and helplessness. I remember people saying that kids wouldn’t be able to wear masks. Kids couldn’t learn online. They would never connect with others.

It was always talk about what kids couldn’t do. I always knew they were wrong.

This last year and three months….kids have been the real heroes. The kids I’m around wear masks without any problems. They adapt and have made online learning, although not normal, something they put their all into. Their problem solving skills grew more than ever.

I’ve also been blown away at the connections we all made in the online world. I not only made connections with the kids, but also with their families. It’s quite personal being “in” their homes and having them in mine.

As I said goodbye today, tears flowing as usual, I reminded them that even in dark times, there will always be silver linings to find. They had tears too. They kept saying they didn’t want to hang up and end our online meeting. It was so hard to close the tab for the last time and let my little DooleyBirds go.

The last 15 months have been the hardest ever for every teacher I know. My last month has been a dark one filled with so much uncertainty. But just like I told my kids…I had to find those silver linings. And I have.

Change is always scary, but it’s needed to grow. So although I’m sad to say goodbye to my kiddos, I’m ready to embrace what’s coming ahead. But first…we relax and only think about swimming and sunshine for the next few days.


Sometime this week, hoist one, and silently toast all teachers.

This third cousin filled me with gratitude.


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