39 Years Ago I Wrote this White Paper for Motorola – Proposing an Integrated Performance System

In May of 1982 I wrote this White Paper to suggest that Motorola’s PMP – Participative Management Program could use a booster shot by infusing the TQM principles and tools, the Geary Rummler Process/Performance principles and tools, and the Neil Rackham/Huthwaite Communications Behaviors principles and tools to make the program more effective.

I had been exposed to the work of Geary Rummler before this Motorola Training & Education Center (MTEC) job in the Chicagoland suburbs – my second job out of college – the first being at Wickes Lumber in Saginaw Michigan.

And I knew a little bit about TQM.

But at Motorola I learned a whole lot more about TQM and got introduced and worked with Neil Rackham – soon of SPIN Selling fame – and his approach to modeling (communications) behaviors as part of SPIN and Win-Win Negotiations.

The White Paper

39 page PDF:

I had borrowed the concept of a White paper from the 1980 NBC Television Report on Quality: “If Japan Can … Why Can’t We?”

I left Motorola 5 months later.

Here are some prior posts about this effort…

38 Years Ago – My 1st White Paper: Participative Management of the Performance System







I still see Performance Improvement today as a combination of those 3 sets of principles and tools.


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