Video: Quick Case Study – PACT Analysis and Design

Guy W. Wallace was hired to do a partial CAD effort and then the client was going to conduct the MCD portion to develop/ redevelop everything to meet their Critical Business Issue – which was to reduce the extremely high turnover in a Critical Job – by addressing the development of Performance Competence ASAP. We were ultimately very successful.

I ran a 3-day Analysis Team Meeting January 9-10-11, 2013, and then produced an Analysis Report. I ran a 2-day Design Team Meeting January 22-23, 2013, and then produced a Design Document.

Then the Client’s T&D staff re-developed their existing content and developed the new content called for in the Design. My Approach to Instructional Design has almost always leveraged a Team of Master Performers & Other Subject Matter Experts in processing the Analysis Data into a Design Framework of Events & Lessons & Instructional Activities.

In 2014 these clients won an ATD award for what our Analysis & Design efforts had their ISD staff Develop. We had successfully reduced turnover significantly and had improved Job Satisfaction in the critical Target Audience – by Focusing on the Performance Requirements – and enabling them.

Guy was then hired by this same client in late 2018 to conduct a CAD effort for their Sales Representatives after a series of mergers had brought 28 different Sales Organizations together into one Sales Function.

This video is 5 minutes in length.


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