The Performance Focus Kindling Is Performance Data

I’ve faced skepticism from prospective clients when laying out my approach to addressing their request for Instruction/ Training/ Learning Development. Especially if they don’t know what I mean by “Performance-Based.”

I’ve learned to expect “a reaction” when I describe each of my Phases, and their Tasks, and the touch-time and cycle-time of those Tasks.

And I’ve learned how to respond to their reactions. And of course there are several responses in my back-pocket to deal with the variance in reactions.

Everyone has their “hot-button” concerns – things that they are immediately wary of and easily triggered. Usually because they’ve been burned and so they have learned – to be wary.

Usually they are wary of this thing called ANALYSIS.

So I might do a little of it in our first meeting to demonstrate what that data looks like so that I can describe how it will be used in Design and then in Development.

IMO – it’s the “kindling” to light their fire regarding the potential performance-orientation and potential performance impact of the Instruction – Job Aids and/or Training – that might be produced.

And yes, I’m cognizant that their reasons for wanting to do Learning/Learning Experiences to address their NEED” might be misguided. But I trust that the approach and people used to generate the Analysis Data will show us all if Instruction will actually get at the root of their NEED.

And then we go from there – being Data Informed – as the late Joe Harless taught me and many others way back in 1985.

A Short Video

This video is 1:55 minutes in length.

Examples From Past Projects

Past Blog Posts with the 1986 Examples – here —- and the 1993 Examples – here.

My Authors page at Amazon is – here.


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