My Evolution of EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

From 1979 to Today

I first started in pb-ISD – performance-based Instructional Systems Design back in August of 1979. I was heavily influenced by the manager and peer who subscribed to the Rummler & Gilbert and Bob Mager and Joe Harless approaches to performance-based Training/ Instruction.

Note: I like/prefer the term Instruction nowadays – as it encompasses both Job Aid (Performance Support in the WorkFlow/Process) and Training.

Early on I was aware that Instruction would not address all of the Performance Variables – thanks to being given on Day 1 in my first job out of college at Wickes Lumber in Saginaw Michigan these three resources:

In my second job at Motorola in spring of 1981, in the western suburbs of Chicago, I worked alongside Geary Rummler, and Neil Rackham, and I met Ray Svenson whom I went to work for in my third job in November 1982 when I became an external ISD consultant – where I got to “play around” in the PI Sandbox from time-to-time when it became obvious that Instruction sometimes wasn’t going to address the root causes of Performance Problems.

At each of my first two jobs I began framing my ISD methods inside my Performance Improvement (PI) methods.

Both have been evolving ever since.

The GIF and Video below overview my journey.

A Gif

A Short Video


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