Video: Instructional Currentz with Clark Aldrich

I asked Clark Aldrich if he would chat with me about ShortSims.

Short Sims are online scenarios where people learn by doing that are still cost- and time- effective to create and deploy. Short Sims feel instantly familiar because they map to how we learn in life. 

The technology-independent and non-proprietary pedagogy was developed by industry leader Clark Aldrich during years of work with leading edge corporate and military clients. 

Recorded 2021-07-12. This video is 35:05 minutes in length.

Connect with Clark

Sign up for emails on Short Sims at the ShortSims website (at the bottom of the home page). (Company Website) (Portfolio) (Personal Website)


Twitter: @clarkaldrich

Clark’s Amazon Author’s page:

Instructional Currentz

See the entire collection of Instructional Currentz videos here:

Videos: Instructional Currentz


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