Examples from Performance-Based ISD Efforts

I have 2 Just-In-Time Courses over at The LDC – The Learning & Development Conference – a 6 week long affair – sponsored by The LDA – The Learning & Development Accelerator – which I also serve as a member of the Executive Board of Advisors.

Here is a GIF about both of my Just-In-Time Courses.

1 Day Ago

Thiagi just dropped some feedback on me in one of those courses, so I made some “Late Adds” to both of my Just-In-Time Courses…

A 2011 Blog Post About Performance Modeling:

A set of examples of both Performance Model Charts and Knowledge/Skill Matrices from 1986

A set of examples of both Performance Model Charts and Knowledge/Skill Matrices from 1993

A set of project outputs from a 2003 Curriculum Architecture Design for 2 levels of management at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard including an Analysis Report with Performance Model Charts and Knowledge/Skill Matrices

I thought I’d share them with you here on this Blog Post too.

3 Days Ago

I did a 90-minute Zoom Meeting with Harijanto Tjahjono – Director, Center of Curriculum and Learning Development at University of Surabaya – Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, about his questions after he went through both Just-In-Time Courses.

He tried out Performance Modeling – and we talked through some of the nuances related to this Performance Model chart output of his – and how that is used to systematically derive the Enabling Knowledge/Skills. I video recorded our session, and may post that someday (soon).

This methodology was covered in my 2020 book.

See more about it here – as well as my 14 prior books.


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