Strategies & Tactics in Becoming Digital First in L&D

First of all – try to reflect the Target Audience’s authentic Performance Context. If the work is done virtually – then train virtually (with some exceptions of course).

Second – get aligned to the authentic Performance Requirements from back-on-the-job for each Target Audience.

Always. Focus on Tasks & Outputs and Stakeholder Requirements.

Third – use a Self-Paced mode as your default. Have a darn good reason to up the costs and inconveniences of the next two modes…

Use a Coached mode (F2F or Virtual and Highly Structured to Loosely Structured) when the Target Audience is small and personal guidance is needed.

Use Group-Paced mode (F2F or Virtual) for when Application Exercises are required involving multiple people – and when that’s how the job is performed – with multiple people.


This short video is 2:19 minutes in length.

Default to Digital and Self-Paced unless there’s a compelling reason to differ.


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