42 Years Ago Today I Started Climbing the pb-ISD Learning Curve

pb-ISD = performance-based Instructional Systems Design

Although – the “D” in both ID and ISD once meant Development before it meant Design.

I had just graduated from Kansas University (KU) with my Radio-TV-Film degree and finished up one class during summer school, and drove the weekend from Lawrence KS to Saginaw MI, stopping overnight at a friend’s house from my late GS and early HS days in Park Forest IL.

And like in the military – who turn cooks into barbers and visa versa – I didn’t go into the Video unit of our 10-person Training Services organization, I was put into the Development unit. Here I am with the late Gail Tornga in our brand new studio.

I won’t repeat my story here in print – as I tell it in this long story via video – which was part 1 of a series of videos I started last year – here – a series that I’m not quite done with.

Adventures in performance-based T&D Guy W Wallace 1979-1982

Part 1 of a Video Series that I have sub-titled The Insomnia Solution – or something like that. (J.K.) This video is 65:28 minutes in length. Video recorded 2020-04-03.

This video covers how Guy got into the T&D Biz and his first two jobs in ISD – at Wickes Lumber in Saginaw Michigan (1979-1981) – and at MTEC, the Motorola Training & Education Center in Schaumburg Illinois (1981-1982).

This video is 65 minutes in length.

42 years. Oh wow.


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