Escalating Challenges in Authentic Practice w/ Feedback

This post by Mike Kunkle from yesterday is so right: THE POWER OF #PRACTICE IN #SALES

Mike is one of the rare Sales Enablement Pros who is really rooted in a performance orientation. You should follow him on LinkedIn – here:

The Power of Authentic Practice

And it brought to my mind a couple of graphics used in my last 3 books and first presented in my second book, lean-ISD (1999).

And please note, you can blend in (interleave) additional content (addressing related awareness, knowledge and skills) as you progress the learner through Application Exercises of greater, and greater difficulty.


In order for what is to be learned – it must be authentic. That’s why I prefer Practice with Feedback on:

  • Real Work
  • Last Week’s Real Work
  • Simulated Real Work
  • Talk Through Trouble Shooting

This framework was first shared in my 1999 book, lean-ISD, and again in my 2007 book, co-authored with the late Ray Svenson – where the focus was on Performance Tests.

From lean-ISD:

And again, from lean-ISD:

My 17th book, “performance-based Lesson Mapping” will be out next month, September 2021.

My Amazon Authors Page:


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