Tables Turned – A Chat With Authors – Guy Interviewed By Guest Host Mark Britz

With Many Thanks to Guest Host: Mark Britz

“When someone who you just interviewed offers to interview you – it’s hard to say no.”

My 17th book should be ready by mid-to-late September. It’s currently out for Early Reviews with 11 colleagues before my final editing – per the feedback.

This video is 64:07 minutes in length.

See my prior 16 books on my Amazon Authors Page:

Thanks to Mark Britz!

…for “forcing” me to do this – and flipping the tables on me. ;)

Here is the video we did on his book – Social By Design – a couple of months back. It is 20:09 minutes in length.

“Social By Design” is available on Amazon at:

Connect with Mark Britz at:

Twitter: @britz





Phone: 315.552.0538 (Mobile)


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