My Recent Trilogy on ISD/LXD at the Instructional Product Level

Today I celebrate my 69th birthday. Out on the lake – weather depending.

These 3 last books will be it – the end of my current and future writings about ISD/LXD.

My plans for additional books (3 of them) take me elsewhere in the ISD/LXD world.

Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis – throughout an Instructional development effort. November 2020 – available here.

The 3 Ds of ThoughtFlow Analysis – my approach to CTA – Cognitive Task Analysis. July 2021 – available here.

performance-based Lesson Mapping – a visual format and data-set to focus a Design Team on, when designing the Instructional Flow of “Information-Demonstration-Application” for both Training (and/or Education & Communications) and Job Aids (Performance Support). Should be available by the end of September 2021.

See all of my books on my Amazon Author’s Page – here.

Next Up – In My Plans Anyway

Three more books, numbers 18, 19 and 20, since my 1st in 1994.


Aligning L&D with Enterprise Leadership

I hope to have this done by late 2021 or early 2022. It expands on some content in my 2001 book: T&D Systems View (at 12 O’Clock) and work done in the 1980s-late 1990s with the late Ray Svenson, and my presentations and writings in the early 2000s.

Poor/non-existent Alignment with Enterprise Leadership is at the root of L&D’s woes IMO, and then quickly followed by poor/non-existent Analysis processes and practices.

#19 (or #20)

performance-based Instructional Architecture

This is an update of my past writings and consulting work doing Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD) – I’ve done 76 CAD projects as a consultant since the first in 1982 for Exxon, after doing one as an employee at Motorola for Manufacturing Supervisors.

One ISD/LXD efforts seem to be one-offs, and not part of a Systems of Instruction – as ISD was once thought to be – and different than ID. This is where the architecture – of a system – comes into play. Also known over the decades as Instructional Engineering.

Perhaps the title morphs to become “performance-based Instructional Experience Architecture.” Don’t know about THAT quite yet.

#20 (or #19)

EPPI Thinking

When I first created my ISD methodology-sets starting back in 1982, I intended that they would allow for a smooth, easy segue into Performance Improvement. EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement – are my methods geared to ISD (and now LXD) professionals.

I wish to share so that ISD/LXD professionals can shift gears from Instruction to other Improvement Interventions should the Analysis data point them away from, and/or to, additional means to achieve Performance Goals when the issues (problems/opportunities) are not rooted exclusively in Knowledge/Skill deficits.

Overhanging the Market

I’m Overhanging the Market – so to speak – to add to my own motivation – to get ‘er done.

I hope to then switch to writing a trilogy of historical fiction – something I fully outlined in 2015 when I thought I was retiring – but then I got pulled back into several big PI and ISD projects.

Stay tuned to see how it goes.


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