Get Off – and Quit Renaming – My Paradigm

With apologies to The Rolling Stones.

What is WOINA?

What’s Old Is New Again?

In my view it includes:

Design Thinking – Show Your Work – Empathy – Performance Support/Learning in the WorkFlow – Micro-learning – Informal Learning – Backward Chaining – 70-20-10 or 10-20-70 – Agile – Stories – ROI Evaluation – Performance Consulting – Learning Journeys – Games – to name but a few (maybe most).

This video is 4:31 minutes in length.

I don’t feel so all alone in this. And my real issue with all of this Continuous Re-naming is that it makes it very difficult to new folks coming into the field. They need to be current – no doubt. They need to master the Processes, Practices, Tools and Techniques of their Enterprise/Customers.

But they also need to learn the History and Lessons Learned behind each of those Processes, Practices, Tools and Techniques – so they better understand under which set of conditions do they seem to work, and under which where they don’t work so well.

And then conduct themselves accordingly – as being Forewarned is being Forearmed.

This 2019 video is 41:18 minutes in length.

Comment on YouTube by Matthew Van Matre 1 year ago: Golden Secrets start at 21:50 – 1) Target Analysis 2) Performance Outputs 3) Tasks Analysis 4) Gap Analysis 5) Reuse of existing content

Thanks, Alex Salas, for having me on your series!

Alex mentioned Cognitive and Behavioral Tasks – which the analysis of, is the focus of my last book (in 2021), and mentioned in the book before that (2020).

The latest book:


See it and my other books at my Amazon Author’s page – here.


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