Video: Instructional Currentz with Timm Esque

I asked Timm Esque if he would chat with me on video about Leader Lab.

I’ve known Timm since the mid-1980s and have always admired his performance orientation and focus on measured results.

Timm is now the Managing Partner at East Valley Leadership Laboratory

He is focused on helping new leaders see the power of personal commitment and the role our bodies play in cultivating and leading through commitment to support a future that will surely need more truly embodied leaders.

Timm recently completed the Institute for Generative Learning’s 3 year program on Coaching for Organizational Excellence. And he is working on his level 4 (black sash) Tai Chi instructor certification.

Over the past few decades Timm has published 3 books and numerous chapters and articles in a diverse range of popular and research publications. Connect with him on the links provided below.

Instructional Currentz Video

This video is 28:34 minutes in length.

Connect with Timm

Instructional Currentz

This video series is intended to focus on current Instructional Systems Design/ Instructional Design/ Learning Experience Design “Topics, Tools and Techniques” with Thought Leaders and Practitioners.

See the entire collection of Instructional Currentz videos – here.


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