performance-based Lesson Mapping – My 17th Book Is Now Available

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Early Reviews

Thank you to every early reviewer who took the time to review this book, provided their feedback, and allowed me to share their thoughts here…


Matthew C. Day
Anthropology Ph.D. Research Student
UK National Health Service

Wallace’s seventeenth book does exactly what it claims in its title; this is a handbook for collaborating with key stakeholders to produce performance-based instructional activities and then plot those activities into cogent lesson maps through his ‘facilitated group process.’ The book is structured in chronological order and guides the reader systematically through ‘modular curriculum development’ to identify and communicate the necessary information so that tasks and decision-making can be clearly outlined, demonstrated, and, most importantly, applied back-on-the-job by the workforce.

The sections of the book are composed of chapters that each address a phase of Wallace’s development process and prepare the reader for critical ‘gate’ reviews, clearly outlining key questions to elicit engagement through the facilitated group process along with the objectives at each phase. The format allows you to see how each phase flows into the next; the text could easily be read alongside a project, chapter by chapter, providing the reader with concurrent coaching in Wallace’s methods, enabling them to “adopt what works and adapt the rest.”

This book is an all-inclusive text for lesson mapping and requires no previous introduction to Wallace’s approach. However, it also complements and enhances Wallace’s previous work and links seamlessly with his current series of texts: Conducting Performance-based Instructional Analysis and The 3 Ds of Thought Flow Analysis. For those new to the field, Wallace generously signposts to further resources of instructional systems design, evidence-informed learning theory, and texts that translate learning sciences for practical application, in context, at each phase.

Performance-based Lesson Mapping and Instructional Development is an invaluable resource that grants access and elaboration of Wallace’s approach. This book leaves the reader with a powerful lens to review their own processes of lesson development, ability to engage others in codesign while simultaneously stream-lining production for performance competence, “the ability to perform tasks to produce outputs to stakeholder requirements.”


George Gu
Co-founder of Improvement Consulting
President-elect of ISPI 

For years, we have been asking for a simple but systematic ISD process supported by simple tools. Traditional ISD models are mostly lengthy, but Lesson Mapping is like a fresh breeze in the old forest — it provides a tangible, system-oriented, and application-based step-by-step guide to instructional designers. It can also be regarded as one of the yellow “For Dummies” series, just because it is a summary of years of treasured experience and yet so simply illustrated. 


Rick Jacobs
Learning Strategist

“Guy Wallace hits the nail on the head with another profound, timely book! In an era where people are reinventing the wheel and using ‘marketing’ terms to make something sound new, having a book that gets right into the nitty-gritty of Lesson Mapping using common terminology is refreshing. Not only does Guy cover the ‘why’ of the process, but he provides templates, demonstrations, and applications for Lesson Mapping in different scenarios. A must-have for your library, especially if you are starting out in Instructional Design.”


Steven W. Villachica
Associate Professor, Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning, Boise State University

There are a lot of ID texts, with more each year. Most of these texts target IDs in both educational and training settings, even though these contexts can greatly differ. Other ID texts describe how to create learning experiences without focusing on producing performance back on the job. In contrast, Guy Wallace’s latest text provides invaluable, hard-won guidance about rapidly creating performance-based training that produces valued behavior change in the workplace. 

In a series of facilitated face-to-face or virtual meetings, clients, project stakeholders, subject-matter experts, and ID teams quickly complete an initial analysis. They then collaboratively design an event map of lessons, individual lesson maps, and instructional activities for each lesson. These lessons consist of an opening, minimal relevant information required to perform a job task (INFO), one or more demonstrations of the task (DEMO), and application activities to practice performing the task while receiving coaching and feedback (APPO). Each lesson ends with a closing. Other chapters describe the development and testing of the instructional materials.

This book is highly practical, recognizing that IDs don’t complete these projects in a vacuum. Instead, the book describes solid instructional design practices within the broader context of the authentic project work that IDs complete. This book describes Guy’s techniques for

  • Consulting, including how to partner across clients, project stakeholders, and project teams to choreograph a success story.

  • Facilitation, including how to engage people in workshops that systemically and systemically produce product deliverables aligned with business drivers. Combined with reviews and tests, this facilitated approach produces training that is technically accurate, complete, and authentic.

  • Project management, including project planning and strategies for obtaining client and stakeholder approval for project deliverables. These approaches produce quality training within budget and schedule.

This book is a welcome addition to my ID library.


Billy Wilson
Nuclear Professional

I learned a lot from reading this book … an experience that seemed very much like peering into Guy’s mental models with a magnifying glass. I’ll be adopting and/ or adapting much of it into my own practice of learning design.


My 17 Books go back to the first in 1994…

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