Facilitating the Client’s Need to Bail on an Instructional Development Effort

I always priced my Instructional Development efforts by the Phase – since 1982 – and if the Analysis data showed the client that addressing the K/Ss wasn’t going to adequately address their Issue (problems and/or opportunities) – they could cancel the rest of the engagement, or put the Instructional part on hold until the other root or probable causes were investigated further and addressed (the Process itself, and/or other Environmental variables, and/or the Recruiting/Selection Systems, etc.,).

I’ve had more engagements put on hold than outright canceled.

And sometimes the client cannot solve the issue in a timely manner – but then those performance barriers and the strategies and tactics of their Master Performers can be included in the Instruction, for recognizing and avoiding the barriers in the first place, or how to recover quickly with the least damage possible if the barriers were unavoidable in the second place.

I found that prospective clients always liked knowing what meeting their request would cost – if we took it all the way to the end – AND – where they could “bail” on the effort, and at what cost, should that be deemed the appropriate thing to do.

I’ve honored every Request for Training, knowing that the Analysis data will inform the client’s decision to continue, or to shift gears to address the non-Knowledge & Skill deficits, the probable root causes, that my approach to performance-based Instruction helped them uncover.


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