Performance Analysis Informed Lesson Mapping

I first created the original Lesson Map format in 1990 for an ISD project for Illinois Bell on Labor Relations … It was soon updated to the format shown in the video.

I and my staff, and the hundreds of people I trained on this at General Motors back between 1995-2000, have used the Lesson Map format on hundreds of ISD efforts – after conducting the Performance and K/S Analysis efforts of my PACT Processes for performance-based Instruction/LXD.

The Ends to Keep in Mind

Video from 2021 – this webinar video is 40:38 minutes in length…

Video from 2019 – this webinar video is 64:16 minutes in length…

The PACT Processes

The Acronym and the 5 Methodology-sets of PACT

Guy’s 17 Books – Since 1994

Guy’s Last 3 Books

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