L&D – Saviors of the Enterprise?

I don’t think so.

The other day I saw a post that seemed to suggest that L&D can reverse some of the negative things going on in the workplace today. People are leaving jobs in droves. Sometimes for better pay, and sometimes just to escape a punishing Performance Context.

In my view – L&D/T&D isn’t going to do much other than waste Shareholder Equity. Perhaps there are other options.

Other Options

Upstream from the Performance Context “Process/Processes” you are trying to address, are Enterprise Enabler Provisioning Systems that feed a well-designed Process with what it needs.

In this case perhaps the Recruiting & Selection System needs to be revised/upgraded to address the new realities of the Workplace.

For more – see my 2012 Blog Post addressing these – in this post here.

Or see my 2011 book: From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting – here.


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