Video 2 of 7: L&D’s Pivot to Performance – Sebastian Tindall

David James and I continued our 7-part Webinar series this past Wednesday.

The aim of this series is to highlight the important shift that some L&D leaders and practitioners have made in order to more predictably and reliably affect individual and organisational performance, achieving much more as a consequence.

For the second episode, David James and I spoke with Sebastian Tindall, Head of Learning & Development at Vitality.

Sebastian has also held strategic roles in Santander Bank and The Co-Operative Bank. Over recent years his work with global L&D functions in South Africa, India and the USA have catalysed his passion for creating a diverse range of innovative high impact learning solutions.

A Quick Aside

I’ve got to say – that listening to Sebastian while we did this interview – I flashed back to words and phrases used by many of my mentors back in the 1980s at NSPI (now ISPI). THAT gives me great hope for the future and that there will indeed be a Pivot to Performance in L&D. The trick will be to get the vast majority of leaders and practitioners to begin or continue their Pivot.

This video is 56:15 minutes in length.

Connect with Sebastian via LinkedIn – here.

Supporting Resources

Nelson Complexity Index – here.

The Learning & Development Podcast: Resources-Led L&D With Sebastian Tindall – here.

This Free 2021 Series Continues

Registration Information:

20th October: Anne-Marie Burbidge

3rd November: Dawn Snyder Ph.D

17th November: Filip Lam

1st December: Steve Villachica Ph.D


The 1st of 7 Sessions – was with Ken Yates – please find that video – here.


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