From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting (2011)

I recall the late Claude Lineberry’s comment in the late 1990s that Geary Rummler had invented the point-four font size. That got a knowing laugh from many at that NSPI Conference.

I guess I’m guilty of using it as well as adopting/adapting many other things from the late Geary A. Rummler, PhD., for my 2011 book: From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting.

From LinkedIn 2021-10-08:

That exchange caused me to discover that a link had broken – as I had published a set of graphics – as a patch – of a larger size – on my website page for that book. And that experience – after I had published the first 5 of my 2011 six pack – encouraged me to use a larger size template for my next series of books.

See this book, number 11 for me – and my 16 other books – on my Amazon Authors Page – here.

All 17 of my books are about Instructional Systems Design and/or Performance Improvement – and all were greatly influenced by the late Geary A. Rummler, PhD, as I had been learning from him, indirectly and directly, since my first day out of college, back in August 1979.


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