Short Video on: APPOs – Application Exercises of Authentic Performance

APPOs – can kick-off a lesson, or wrap one up – or anything in between. But they should always be authentic – and reflect the performance required back-on-the-job.

This video is 2:18 minutes in length.

From my 17th book: performance-based Lesson Mapping: Types of APPOs:

I facilitate a discussion of the nature of APPOs and the forms that they might take. Will it be a Case Study? Or some Real Work? Or some Simulated Real Work? Or is a Talk-Through Exercise as Real Work or Simulated Work problematic for some reason, such as the time required and/ or safety issues?

But wait. Isn’t a Talk-Through Exercise really a Case Study that ends with a discussion of what to do, performance-wise? I think so.

Given that it is, there are only three options in this approach to Performance-Based Instruction:

  • Real Work
  • Simulated Real Work
  • Talk-Through Exercise

See all of Guy’s books on his Amazon Authors Page:


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