Demystifying Learning Measurement in an Enterprise Learning Context

Demystifying Measurement of Learning – starts with:

People are on the Payroll to produce Worthy Outputs that are Worthy Inputs
to downstream internal operations, and/or to external customers.

Outputs are Measurable in terms of them meeting or exceeding Stakeholder Requirements…or Not.

This shouldn’t still be a mystery IMO.

People are on the Payroll to Produce Outputs that are Inputs downstream. Worthy Outputs are Worthy Inputs when they meet Stakeholder Requirements.

Stakeholders care about the Outputs, or the Process, or Both.

From 1984 – Jim McCampbell

Page 1

Page 2

Get the 2 page PDF of this – here.

Start Measurement with Outputs

Then Measure Task Performance

People perform specific Behavioral & Cognitive Tasks, to produce Outputs.

Task Performance, is Measurable, in terms of meeting or exceeding Stakeholder Requirements, or not.

Then Measure Knowledge & Skills

Pre and/or Post Instruction/ Training/ Learning/ Learning Experiences.

The Secret Sauce is Not So Secret – Analysis

Analysis is the only way to get there – to Measurable Performance – and the Design and Measurement of Learning that develops that.

Performance Tests test the ability to use one’s Knowledge & Skills in producing Outputs by performing Tasks.


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