A Performance-Based Pay Progression Program 1987

This 1987 project – for ARCO of Alaska on the Oil Fileds of the North Slope – led to a 1994 project to do the same kind of Performance-Based Compensation System for people working on the Alaska Pipeline – and then several other projects aimed at Performance Testing for the purpose of speeding and better targeting the developmental of branch management and technical and sales staff, and another for R&D staff, and a couple of others.

It also led the late Ray A. Svenson and me to write this book in the next graphic, in 2007. Ray and I were business partners at SWI (Svenson & Wallace Inc.) 1982-1997.

The 1988 Fall Newsletter – that first addressed this can be seen – here.

Past Posts

A 15 Minute Video Tour of Our Living Facilities at Prudhoe Bay in 1987


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